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College Kiid (Pros) (BONUS)

Spice Lo

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College Kiid (Pros) (BONUS)

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"Music is my first love. A year ago, I stopped making music, was depressed, and smoked everyday as a coping mechanism. I dropped out of college, lived out of my car, stayed in 5 different states, and even went to jail. Fortunately, I did make it out of that situation and started back on my spiritual journey. One day, I heard a voice similar to my granddad's tell me to wake up, reflect, and use what I learn to help those who share the same struggle. That day, I wrote and recorded several songs in my friend's basement and put them in my secret vault. Once I got back into college, got back on the varsity football squad, got a job, and started to pursue several arts entrepreneurial endeavors, I felt ready to use my gifts to serve God's purpose. Months later, I broke up my music library into several projects, with "College Kiid" being the first taste for my audience. In a time where many artists are in need of financial stability, faith, and motivation, now is perfect for its debut. This album is meant to unite independent artists around the world, and empower them to achieve their dreams through arts entrepreneurship."

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Derek Mahone aka Spice Lo is an entrepreneurial Oberlin College student looking to influence the next generation to pursue their dreams and to be okay with who they are through the power of music. 

Music was Derek's first love, as it was a refuge to him in times of crisis.  He started making beats at 7 years old and still does today. Derek was subject to many instances of violence, drugs, addiction and poverty at an early age during his upcoming in Detroit. This caused him and his family to decide that it was best for him to go stay with his brother in Chapel Hill, NC.  Derek was 14, and an incoming sophomore when he moved from Detroit.   He immediately enrolled into East Chapel Hill High School which completely changed the outlook of his life.  His GPA rose from a 3.0 to a 4.0 and he would continue this excellence throughout high school, including playing 5 sports and being involved in many events and clubs.   

The one thing that remains constant is music. Derek began his rap career at East Chapel Hill High School under the name 'SpiceOnTheTrack' or 'S.O.T.T.'. He performed numerous times at events such as Dance Marathon and built his own following from the ground up.  Immediately following high school, Derek professionalized his career as much as possible.  He created, his own clothing line, and released his first mass release project that was featured by multiple blogs.  

Once Derek arrived at Oberlin College, he got to work.  He got his first headline performance in the first month of school and secured the second date soon after which would be May 12, 2018.  The first 'Lo at The Sco', performed at Oberlin's infamous venue 'The 'Sco', brought in 434 people out of 450. Along with having two headline shows under his belt, he released his first R&B album called "The Cabernet Façade."  Derek was also featured by Vibe magazine and many other blogs and radio stations.

After leaving college for a year and going on a National Tour, including a headline show in Toronto, Derek is now focused on doing what he loves and helping other artists find their purpose while building sustainable business models. To reinforce these efforts, Derek is now running two companies, 'The Daily Drip' and 'The Larry D. Lambert School of Arts Entrepreneurship'. The Daily Drip is a marketing company that also serves as a platform for up and coming artists in all fields. The Larry D. Lambert School of Arts Entrepreneurship is an organization that was founded during Oberlin College's famed Launch U Startup Accelerator. This organization helps artists build sustainable business models through personal coaching, live and online courses, and scholarships for artists of up to $2500. Derek and his associates are collecting funds now to support the scholarships for artists and will be donating some of those proceeds to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund for artists.



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