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Spice Lo Homecoming Show

Chapel Hill, NC

This is the FINALE of the Spice Lo Saucy Summer Tour. It's coming back to where it started at. Location TBA



I am Derek Mahone aka Spice Lo, an entrepreneurial Oberlin College student looking to influence the next generation to pursue their dreams and to be okay with who they are uniquely thru the power of music and love. 

Music was my first love as it was a refuge to me in times of crisis.  Being from Detroit subjected me to many instances of violence, drugs, addiction and poverty at an early age caused me and my eldest brother Ronald decide that it was best for me to go stay with him in Chapel Hill, 
NC.  I was 14, and an incoming sophomore.   I immediately enrolled into East Chapel Hill High School where I completely changed the outlook of my life.  My GPA rose from a 3.0 to a 4.0 and I would continue this excellence all through high school including playing 5 sports and being involved in many events and clubs.   

The one thing that remained constant through all the years is music. I began my rap career at East Chapel Hill High School, where I performed numerous times at events such as Dance Marathon and built my own following from the ground up.  Immediately following High School, I professionalized my career as much as possible.  I created  www.spicelo.com , my own clothing line and I released my first mass release project that was featured by multiple blogs.  

Once I arrived at Oberlin College, I got to work.  I got my first headline performance in the first month of school and secured the second date soon after which would be May 12, 2018.  Along with having two headline shows under my belt, I released my first R&B album called "The Cabernet Façade."  This album is currently sitting at almost two thousand streams and is increasing by the day.  I was also featured by Vibe magazine and many other blogs and radio stations.  Now a sophomore, the next step is to tour. 


At Oberlin College, I have met some pretty amazing people including Lyris Faron.  Lyris single handedly booked my first tour, which is crazy because until now, it has been a dream for over a decade.  The tour will be an east coast tour that will start in Blacksburg, VA and end in CHAPEL HILL, NC!  However, Lyris' only job was to book the venues, not hotels, traveling accommodations or food. After calculating expenses, the total budget I'd need is about 5k to cover stay, promotion, transportation, food and merchandise to sell at each show.  Now, I don't have any financial support for this tour so I am asking that you help me make this dream a reality.  Whether it is a dollar, or hundreds of dollars, your contribution will be meaningful. 

*For every donor of $50 or more, you will receive a SIGNED official Spice Lo Summer Tour T-Shirt and a personal digital copy of The Cabernet Façade. 




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