Derek Mahone was born in Detroit and started making music at age 7. At 13, he survived a drive-by shooting, which resulted in the death of his closest friend. To avoid further altercations, he moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to live with his brother. There he launched his music career as SpiceOnTheTrack, rapidly growing his fanbase in the area. He also mentored kids and taught them how to make music. He has performed at many venues, including the world renowned "Cat's Cradle" and "The Pinhook" in North Carolina and packed the house. Now 18, he is currently a Sophomore at Oberlin College, but in the process of transferring to a school in LA.  Now performing under the name Spice Lo, he has been on tour already and is about to go on another.  In the future, Derek plans to consistently release music, tour, and build a studio that will house kids in poverty, where Derek will feed them, provide a place of refuge for the kids and teach music.